Internal Sales Incentive Programs

It’s been said that nothing happens until somebody sells something.

we know that you need every tool at your disposal.

That’s why there are few more important – or challenging business assignments than managing sales teams and processes. If you are charged with driving your company’s selling efforts, we know that you need every tool at your disposal – and an internal sales incentive program can be among the most effective tools in your kit.

merging incentive and recognition elements

Whether your team is comprised of company associates or dedicated third-party resources, we have extensive experience in merging incentive and recognition elements to help you design a program that will help you achieve such objectives as:

  • Meeting sales quotas
  • Supporting a new product introduction
  • Adopting and enthusiastically using sales automation tools.

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merging incentive and recognition elements
no-cost consultation services

no-cost consultation services

Our no-cost consultation services will assist you in determining how your program can and should work. We can even show you how to test the process with different sales personnel and/or areas of responsibility.

We know how to create a comprehensive program that will complement and support your sales compensation practices. This will help you effectively communicate the program to anticipate and address concerns and objections from secondary stakeholders in your organization – a key requirement for success.

leverage the extensive capabilities of RewardTrax®

As with all our solutions, your internal sales incentive program will leverage the extensive capabilities of RewardTrax®, our proprietary Web-based portal program management system.

RewardTrax®, features tailor-made gamification elements that are so attractive to sales incentive applications including:

  • Customized leaderboards
  • Progress-to-goal tracking and reporting
  • Elite status attainment and bonuses.
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When your program participants are ready to use the points that they’ve earned, our extensive catalog of brand-name merchandise, travel and experiential rewards will reinforce the value of your program. In addition, we offer a concierge-shopping service, “Just for You”, that has proven to be remarkably popular with sales incentive program participants.

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